Elect Liz John-West

Elect Liz John-West
for Ward 7  

Together Building a Kind and Just Community


 Liz John-West

Liz John-West an advocate of social justice, has devoted the last 30 years of her life to anti-poverty work and the causes of homelessness and violence against women. Her passion to participate in creating a community where both the privileged and the marginalized are heard, leads her to seek the position for Councillor of Ward 7.  Liz is committed to working towards a kind and just community that allows everyone to engage in community life in a meaningful way. She looks forward to the opportunity to serve you, and to continue the work of making Edmonton a vibrant community

Vote for Liz John-West and bring new diversity to Edmonton’s city council.


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Liz has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of social services.  Her work with families, and homelessness and domestic violence propels her to be a strong advocate for many who are marginalized.  Given her skills and know how in these areas, she understands that complex issues require a variety of solutions.

Community Minded 

Community building, networking, and collaboration are 'buzz' words but Liz has been working under these principles for many years and is currently completing her Masters in Community Development.


Liz who has lived and raised her family in the area for 27 years, knows first-hand the strength and challenges of the Ward.  She is hard working and compassionate and will go the extra mile to make sure the people whom she serves are listened to, heard and looked after

Together Building A Kind and Just Community