About Liz John-West

Liz John-West, a vocal advocate of social justice, has devoted her life to the causes of injustice. Her passion to participate in creating a community where both the privileged and the marginalized are heard, leads her to seek the position for Councillor of Ward 7. 

As the city of Edmonton makes strides into the future, Liz wants to ensure that Ward 7, one of the core building blocks of this city, has infrastructure and is a community that is not overlooked and marginalized.  

Liz, has worked for the past 30 years to create a greater awareness in the community on poverty and justice issues by developing. Implementing, and running various programs which responds the needs of pregnant homeless women, women and children leaving domestic violence and high risk youth. In recent years Liz has managed programs with over 35 staff and a budget of 5 million.  She knows what it’s like to work in a high stress and crisis environment and understands the importance of juggling the budget with service provision and outcomes while ensuring the needs of the clients and staff are met.  

Liz has been involved in organizing conferences and workshops which require working with multiple stakeholders who all have diverse outcomes.  Her strong networking abilities has resulted in a solid safety net for the families she serves.

Liz has also co-led the 5 year revitalization of Giovanni Caboto Park with a budget of over a million, delivered the community newspaper, and started a coffee house at the local mission.

Liz’s belief in the dignity and value of every person has led her to volunteer overseas in Mozambique, Mexico and India, building houses, working in orphanages, and learning about human trafficking issues.

The John-West family. 

The John-West family. 

Liz has experience speaking publically and has been working consistently to ensure the voice of the marginalized are brought into the circle.

Liz is a graduate of the University of Alberta, and is currently completing a Master of Arts Degree in Community Development from Acadia University in Nova Scotia.

For the past 27 years Liz and her family, has been a resident of McCauley, Cromdale, and currently lives in Alberta Avenue.  Liz is married to Geoff and they have three adult daughters. She attributes the success of her advocacy work to the continued support of her family, friends and her faith. 

Liz John-West is committed to participating in creating a just and kind community which allows everyone to engage in community life in a meaningful way. She has resigned from her position to run for city council and looks forward to the opportunity to serve you and to continue the work of making Edmonton a vibrant community. 

Together Building A Kind and Just Community