Ward 7 Debate Video 

The Ward 7 debate took place on Monday October 2, 2017. If you couldn't make it, you can click the link below to watch:

Talking with Ryan Jespersen

I had the opportunity to speak with Ryan Jespersen on September 26. You can listen here -

Talking with Diversity Magazine 

Canada Day Reflections: 


Yesterday as I was getting ready for Canada day activities I struggled with what I should wear. My Canada day t-shirt?  Or my regular clothing to be in solidarity with the Indigenous people?  This tension of celebrating or not celebrating Canada 150 has been building up within me for the past several months heightened on July 1st.

I decided to wear my Canada t-shirt and went out to enjoy the day with my long time friend and my daughter.

As I participated and enjoyed the activities of the day with many Edmontonians, I mulled over the cause for this tension.

You see, Canada has been a huge gift to my family. My parents immigrated from India to seek a better life for us.  We settled in Canada, got educated, built businesses and contributed to the fiber of our nation.  We experienced freedom and safety and economic prosperity.  I have never had to experience poverty as my parent’s generation has.

But I know my success, my families’ success, has been on the backs of the Indigenous people of Canada.

There lies the CONFLICT. 

I have benefited significantly from settling in Canada.  So how can I be critical of a country that has given me so many opportunities?

But the reality is success and tragedy can co-exist at the same time. 

It exists within each of us and it can exist within a nation as well.  I am both my mistakes and my successes.  Just like Canada is both its tragedy and its successes. 


As we continue to commemorate Canada 150 and our many accomplishments as a nation, my hope is we continue to forge ahead towards a full and lasting place of reconciliation, and restitution with the Indigenous community.

Let us move forward into a more successful future, after having set right the tragedy of our actions in the past.