Welcome To Liz's Platform

Liz's platform will continue to take shape over the coming months as she engages with voters in Ward Metis and throughout Edmonton.

If you would like the opportunity to help inform the platform, please contact us.

Welcome To LIz's Platform

Liz's platform will continue to take shape over the coming months as she engages with voters in Ward Metis and throughout Edmonton.

If you would like the opportunity to help inform the platform, please contact us.

Liz's Platform


Accessible Neighbourhoods

Liz will encourage the city to explore ways to ensure the genuine accessibility of neighbourhood sidewalks, banked curbs, and playgrounds. 

- Timely action must address accessibility concerns such as deteriorating curb cuts, banked curbs, and snowfall accumulation.
- Liz will work to ensure the City Council examines what a reasonable timeline looks like in order to make the majority of playgrounds wheelchair accessible.

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Encouraging Home Based Businesses

Liz will work with city administration to improve the visibility and access to existing small-business and start-up programs so that anyone who wants to start a small business in the City of Edmonton is able to do so easily.

As a City Councillor, Liz will:
- engage WAVE in the development of a Women’s Economic Development Strategy for the City of Edmonton.
- work with city administration in order to help marginalized groups to overcome barriers (language, knowledge, technological barriers) to accessing small business and start-up programs that already exist in the City of Edmonton.
Source: Startup Edmonton
Source: Edmonton One-On-One Support Program
Source: Edmonton Individual Business Grants (City Stream)
Source: Edmonton Small Business Support

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Climate Change

Liz understands that climate change is no longer our grandchildren’s problem and that we need to act today for a better world for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren. Liz will advocate to produce clean energy, expand the solar energy programs, decrease carbon footprint through expanding electric vehicles, and meaningful stewardship of our green spaces and river valleys.

Source: Urban Blight and Public Health
Source: Vacant Properties - The True Costs To Communities

Production of Clean Energy Using Wastewater

Liz will pursue the creation of clean energy. 

Liz will work with the wastewater treatment plant to implement the hydro energy recovery turbines that will produce clean energy which will be used to offset the cost of running the treatment plant.

Source: Urban Blight and Public Health
Source: Vacant Properties - The True Costs To Communities

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Promoting Urban Green Spaces

While the city has an abundance of open and green spaces, we have to go beyond maps and animate these green spaces for the use and benefit of Edmontonians.

- Edmonton’s open and green spaces are a huge amenity. We have more green spaces, dog parks, community gardens, per capita than most Canadian cities. This is something to celebrate.
- Liz will encourage the use of these green spaces. Let’s promote the use of existing green spaces like community fruit trees, providing bake ovens, and creating plazas throughout Edmonton’s parks for people to gather together and celebrate community.
Source: Urban Blight and Public Health
Source: Vacant Properties - The True Costs To Communities

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Protecting our River Valley: Solar Farm and Gondola.

Liz recommends the solar farm NOT be built in the river valley due to the disruption of the ecosystem of the river valley. The solar farm would take up to 99 acres of river valley parkland to place 45,000 ground-mounted solar panels to generate 10% of their power. The development would require the trees in the area to be cut down and the area to be fenced off. 

Liz will
tentatively support the gondola project subject to the results of their continued consultations and environmental assessments. It’s relatively low risk to the taxpayer and could herald future investments in Edmonton. The project itself has both tourism and transit related benefits and because most of the project is not land based the ecological impact is minimal.
Source: Urban Blight and Public Health
Source: Vacant Properties - The True Costs To Communities

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Regional Distribution of Affordable Housing

Liz will support the equitable development of affordable housing options in Ward Metis and the City of Edmonton.

As a City Councillor, Liz will:
- work to integrate affordable housing requirements into all major rezoning applications of large parcels that include a residential component.  
- require that the City update its information on the concentration of affordable housing per community on an annual basis.
- consider re-introducing the basement suite grant program to encourage the development of affordable housing across all of Edmonton.
- work with City management to investigate the best practices of other Canadian cities, such as Vancouver and Toronto, to model effective housing strategies like affordable units in exchange for increased zoning. 
Source: Urban Blight and Public Health
Source: Vacant Properties - The True Costs To Communities

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Addressing Problem Properties

Liz will advocate for credible research into the cost of problem properties to the City of Edmonton. Transparent results of this research will help inform future policy and bylaw around how to deal with problem properties effectively.

-Liz supports the city funded research into Problem Properties, and will advocate for the anticipated report to be made public as soon as possible.  
- In order to effectively address the costs to the community associated with problem properties in the City of Edmonton, Liz will advocate for continued research that organizations like the Edmonton Community Development Company are doing. By understanding the costs associated with problem properties, Liz will effectively form future policy and bylaws around how to deal with problem properties effectively.
Source: Urban Blight and Public Health
Source: Vacant Properties - The True Costs To Communities

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Problem Properties Taskforce Accountability

Liz will work with the Problem Properties Taskforce and advocate for tougher measures against derelict properties.

As a City Councillor, Liz will investigate:
- the reason it will take more than 2 years to complete an action plan on derelict housing, while piloting the redevelopment of 4 problem properties.  
- why the city isn’t imposing fines on serial inspections.
- how to make public the number of derelict houses on the Taskforce’s list, they should be transparent with their research and findings.
- the number of demolition orders issued by the City every year.
Source: Problem Properties of Edmonton

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Infill Development

Responsible Infill Development

Liz will work to develop an enforcement strategy to hold infill developers accountable as part of a “Good-Neighbour” Policy around infill.

As a City Councillor, Liz will ensure:
- that the City of Edmonton has a dedicated infill enforcement team.
- effective inspections on initial excavation and trenching for any infill project. (Neighbours of Infill Survey Report (2020): 79% of neighbours reported damages resulting from infill development next door.)
- an effective mechanism for addressing neighbour complaints. (Neighbours of Infill Survey Report (2020): 68% of respondents to recent city polls reported no satisfactory resolution to their concerns/damages.)
Source: City Policy C551
Source: Residential Construction Guide

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Assessing EPS Street Checks

Liz will always listen to citizen concerns when they raise issues of being unfairly stopped or questioned by EPS. Working together with EPS Advisory Committees, the Police Commission, and community activists, Liz will actively engage her community and make sure that all of our neighbours feel safe in their communities. 

- The practice of “Carding” is not supported by EPS, and Liz will always stand with Edmontonians who are unjustly targeted. Liz will make sure that “Street Checks” are not indiscriminate or abusive, by listening to the voices of our community and working with the Police Commission to ensure that there is accountable oversight to how the police engage with community members.
- The reduction in the number of “Street Checks” by the EPS is a hopeful sign, however Liz wants to increase the 16% compliance rate to “Street Check” procedures by police to 100% compliance.

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Diversity within EPS

Liz recognizes that a police force should reflect the community it is mandated to protect. She will advocate for the continued emphasis on ensuring a police force representative of a city as multicultural and diverse as the people who live there.  

-EPS does not currently represent the people who live in the City of Edmonton. With less than 10% of the police force being from communities of colour, their demographics do not line up with the community. There have been significant improvements to representation in recent years, but this is an issue that EPS has been slow to address until recently.
- With less than 20% of members being women, EPS must do more to ensure the representation of women within the organization. There have been significant improvements to representation in recent years, but this is an issue that EPS must continue to address as they move forward.
- Liz applauds the diverse representation of the people of Edmonton on the Police Commission and its policy directions which have resulted in dramatic progress in the diverse composition of the EPS recruit classes since 2017.  

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EPS Misconduct

Liz will advocate for, and open the discussion on, a civilian-led review committee on the municipal level to review complaints levied against EPS in the spirit of transparency and accountability to the citizens of Edmonton. 

As a City Councillor, Liz will:
- advocate for an end to the practice of the police policing themselves.
- ensure that complaints are handled in a timely manner. This is essential to building trust between law enforcement and our communities.

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Decisive ETS Operations Management

The City of Edmonton spends more on Transportation than any other area. Regular reporting on current and future transportation projects is important for our community to know that their money isn’t being wasted. 

- Liz will work to increase the number of ETS riders so that the City of Edmonton can reach its ridership goals.
- Liz will ensure that the new projects like the Bus Network Redesign don’t leave any Edmontonians out in the cold come winter.
- While the city has been on budget with the Bus and LRT for the most part in the last five years (except 2019, over by 12%), it still remains the single largest expense for the City of Edmonton. Liz would investigate with Council to see if the costs associated with public transit are justified, and if there are any missed strategies to increase the number of riders.
- With the long-term electrification of the bus fleet, and the incorporation of smart-pay into the daily transit system, Edmonton is becoming a national leader in technology and environmentally friendly public transit. Liz will make sure that the City of Edmonton continues to be a leader in the transition to green public transit.
- Liz will ensure that the Bus Network Redesign does not unfairly affect seniors and those with mobility issues. In order to do so, she will make sure that the on-demand transit program does not overlook the needs of seniors and mobility-challenged. 
- With transit being the largest expense for Edmonton, we need to see an increase in the number of Edmontonians using our strong public transit system.
Source: Edmonton Annual Reports
Source: City of Edmonton ETS Revenue Management Audit

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Waste Management

Effective Waste Management

Liz applauds the goal of diverting 90% of municipal waste over the next 25 years, but we must re-evaluate our short-term strategies and solutions to catch up to national leaders in municipal waste diversion. 

- Liz will investigate why Edmonton diverts less waste than any other major city in Canada. We must strive to be national and continental leaders in waste diversion.
- While Liz applauds the upstream strategies for handling waste sorting at a household level, the shortcomings of the city’s waste diversion plan is that there is insufficient capacity to handle the waste.
- Liz will make sure City Council prioritizes the building of a new composting facility immediately in order to put Edmonton back to high levels of waste diversion.
Source: City Policy C527
Source: Edmonton Garbage & Recycling Services

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Women and Girls

Safe Spaces For Women

In response to recent hate attacks on women of colour, the SafeCityYEG initiative needs to track the cultural identity and religion of women who are answering these questions so that there is a clearer picture of women and girls’ sense of safety in Edmonton.

- The topic of women’s safety is a high priority for the City of Edmonton. The continued commitment to this is important to building a safe city for all.
- There is no current information of the status of this work during COVID-19. This is of concern as domestic violence rates and crimes against women have increased during the pandemic. Citizens should have updates from these committees on the status of current efforts.
Source: Edmonton Women's Initiative
Source: Edmonton: Safe City
Source: Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Initiative
Source: SafeCity Yeg

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