Ward Métis

What Is
Ward Métis?

Before becoming Ward Métis during the City of Edmonton’s redistricting of neighbourhoods in 2020, this area was previously known as the majorities of Wards 7 and Ward 8. Ward 7 was primarily composed of the neighbourhoods between Alberta Avenue and Rundle Heights, while Ward 8 consisted of the neighbourhoods south of the North Saskatchewan River, from Capilano to Bonnie Doon.

When it becomes Ward Métis on October 18, 2021 following the municipal election, the ward will combine these neighbourhoods (it is the only ward in Edmonton to have the distinction of crossing the North Saskatchewan). 

Click here to see the City of Edmonton’s reasoning for redistricting, full district maps that outline the neighbourhoods included in Ward Métis and the other new wards, and more.

Which Neighbourhoods Are In Ward Métis?

The newly defined Ward Métis has an overall resident population of about 84,989 according to the 2019 City of Edmonton census. There are a total of 33 neighbourhoods that make up the ward, three of which are zoned exclusively for industrial/business/park (Ind. Heights, Northlands, the Rundle River Valley) Of the neighbourhoods that constitute suburban communities, Alberta Ave (pop: 6581), Ottwell (pop: 5252), and Bonnie Doon (pop: 4726) have the largest populations, with the average neighbourhood having around 2800 residents. 

Diversity is one of the major defining characteristics of the ward, with a large population of new Canadians.There are some neighbourhoods where English only makes up a third of the primary language. While a majority of the residents are English-only speakers, Ward Métis will be home to Edmonton’s largest Francophone community, consisting of neighbourhoods in and around Bonnie Doon.

Neighbourhoods With The Highest Desntiy of Constituents

Alberta Avenue: By far the largest neighbourhood of the ward. Liz’s campaign is focused on many issues particular to this neighbourhood, including neighbourhood safety, small business development, and derelict housing. 

Ottewell: This neighbourhood features six schools, with about 16% of the residents being retired. 

Bonnie Doon: Home to one of the major shopping centres of the ward, this neighbourhood has numerous opportunities around developing small business and affordable housing.

Beverly Heights: One of the oldest neighbourhoods in the ward, the neighbourhood has multiple new and ongoing school projects, including the construction of new elementary and junior high schools. 

Eastwood: This neighbourhood has a strong population of new families

King Edward Park: Close to Whyte Avenue, this neighbourhood features a strong arts and culture community. The neighbourhood skews to a younger demographic.

Interactive Ward Map