Ward Métis

About Ward Métis

The newly defined for 2021 Ward Métis has an overall resident population of about 84,989 according to the 2019 City of Edmonton census, with approximately 55,869 eligible voters for the 2021 municipal election.  Of the Neighbourhoods that constitute the new ward, Alberta Ave (pop: 6581), Ottwell (pop: 5252), and Bonny Doon (pop: 4726) have the largest populations, with the average neighbourhood having around 2800 residents. There are a total of 33 neighbourhoods that make up the ward, 3 of which are zoned exclusively for industrial/business/park (Ind. Heights, Northlands, the Rundle River Valley). According to the available data, a majority of residents are English-only speakers although there is a notable Francophone neighbourhood (south of river) and many multilingual/multicultural neighbourhoods throughout, especially in the north end of the ward. While majority of residents are white, middle-age Christians, there is an incredible amount of diversity throughout the ward. There are some neighbourhoods where English only makes up a third of the primary language. Diversity is one of the major defining characteristics of the ward, with a large population of new Canadians.

Ward 6 stands to be one of the most varied and diverse Wards in the City of Edmonton, with multiple different business, industrial, residential, and school zones in different neighbourhoods. There is a distinct difference between the north and south side of the River Valley in terms of industry, income, cultural background, residence type, and particular issues of concern. Taking a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood approach to campaigning and discussion of residents’ concerns will help to overcome the wide array of differences in voter concerns. 

Key Neighbourhoods

Alberta Avenue: By far the largest neighbourhood of the ward. Many issues that Liz’s campaign is focused on are of particular interest to this neighbourhood, such as neighbourhood safety, small business development, and derelict housing. 

Ottewell: 6 schools within the neighbourhood, with about 16% of the residents being retired. Both groups of interest for GOTV efforts. 

Bonny Doon: Home to one of the major shopping centres of the ward, this neighbourhood has issues around small business and affordable housing to focus on to connect with voters.

Beverly Heights: One of the oldest neighbourhoods in the ward, the neighbourhood has multiple new school projects ongoing, with new elementary and junior highs being constructed. 

Eastwood: home to many new families and a strong Catholic presence

King Edward Park: Close to Whyte Avenue, a strong Arts and Cultural community exists. The neighbourhood skews to a younger demographic, containing mainly English-only speakers.

Key Infrastructure

- Mill Creek Ravine Park
- Edmonton Public Libraries
- River Valley (“Accidental Beach” and other waterside attractions)
- Muttart Conservatory
- Northlands
- Abbotsfield Shopping Centre
- Mount Royal
- Expo Centre
- Wayne Gretzky Drive
- Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre
- 118th Ave82nd Avenue
- Sherwood Park Freeway
- Capilano
- Borden ParkYellowhead
- Rundle Park
- Kings University
- CN Rail Line

Interactive Ward Map