Elect Liz John-West

Why I'm Running
for Ward 7 




Ending Homelessness 

I am committed ..... to ending homelessness in Edmonton.

I believe ..... everyone is responsible for ending homelessness and the solution should be a “city wide response.”

I will tackle this issue ..... by meaningfully engaging communities to deal with the fear and anxiety that are part of the ‘not in my backyard’ response to housing the homeless.


Supporting Business

I am committed ..... to creating a community where businesses thrive.

I believe ..... the entrepreneur spirit is integral to a thriving community.

I will tackle this issue .....by creating an environment supportive of new businesses.




I am committed ..... to ensuring that Ward 7 will be at the table when the future of Northlands is discussed.

I believe ..... what happens to Northlands will have an impact on the surrounding neighbourhoods surrounding Northlands.

I will tackle this issue ..... by continuing to engage with the neighbourhoods to ensure the needs of the community are not forgotten.


Mature Neighbourhoods 

I am committed ..... to seeing the needs of a mature neighbourhood are addressed.

I believe ..... mature neighbourhoods carry the history of Edmonton and therefore needs to be treated with respect.

I will tackle this issue ..... by implementing the recommendations of the Elevate Report created by the City of Edmonton.


Violence Against Women

I am committed to ..... ending violence against women.

I believe ..... men who perpetrate violence need to be invited into the process of finding a solution without shaming them.

I will tackle this issue ..... by creating opportunities to involve men and having men’s sharing circles on ending violence against women.


“When we know better we do better”

I am committed ..... to continually learning from the Indigenous community.

I believe ..... when we know better we will do better.

How I will tackle this issue .....by working to ensure the City of Edmonton continues to respond to the rights of Indigenous peoples.

Together Building A Kind and Just Community